About Charlie Murphy

Posted Monday, Mar 14, 2022

They call him the “Porsche Whisperer.” Charlie has spent his whole life wrenching Porsche and other European cars. He is such and expert mechanic that other auto repair shops from around the world will send work to Charlie when they cannot figure it out. He has just as experienced working in our machine shop making custom parts and fixing anything you can imagine. The man can bring any car back to life, or convert a street car to a track killer. He has even been known to work on extremely rare cars around the globe while bodyguards protect the vehicles from onlookers. 

Charlie has built 100’s of engines and transmissions from the ground up. When it comes to air-cooled Porsche cars, he is one of the best in the world. The cars he has worked on have won titles, championships and even hold track records across the nation. When everyone has gone home and closed up shop, Charlie is the guy in the garage who stays late at night making it happen.