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Auto Glass Repair Services

Is your car’s windshield chipped, cracked or damaged? Intersport Performance can repair or replace it. Bring your car to Intersport in Ashburn to have our European car technicians analyze any windshield damage. We will make an expert recommendation for windshield repair or replacement depending on the severity of any dings, breakage or scratches. If the damage is too large for us to repair, we will likely recommend windshield replacement. You probably won’t have to worry about cost since many insurance companies will cover the service. However if there is a deductible involved or any other cost to you, we will let you know before we continue the process of repair or replacement.

Porsche Windshield Installation

We help car owners make their older vehicles, especially Porsche sports cars, look new again. If you own a classic car and need a window to be replaced, contact Intersport in Ashburn. Let our experienced windshield replacement crew install a new windshield for your Porsche or car restoration project. Our team takes extra care to make sure that all seals are properly installed and trimmed to prevent water leaks.

Auto Glass Replacement

We fix and replace all types of auto glass for European cars. This includes glass for windshields, side view mirrors, front/rear doors, sunroofs, side windows and back windows. Stop by the European auto repair shop at Intersport Performance in Ashburn VA. We offer free estimates for car glass window repair and replacement. But don’t wait! Cracks, chips, broken car glass and windshields can leave vehicles vulnerable to further damage, water leaks and even theft.

Tips for Protecting Auto Glass

It’s only a matter of time until a car’s windshield starts to deteriorate or become damaged. But there are steps that you can take to protect your car’s windshield and auto glass.

Prevent Scratches

  • Start by keeping auto glass and windshield wipers clean. This prevents wipers from scratching the “windscreen” when they are turned on.

Prevent Cracks

  • Don’t follow other cars and expecially trucks too closely. Give yourself plenty of space. The easiest way to damage a windshield is to follow a dump truck or cement truck too closely. Construction vehicles always seem to scatter debris like rocks and small stones so avoid following them.

Slow Down on Rural Routes

  • Drive slower on dirt and gravel roads to avoid dust and debris created by other vehicles.

Protect your Car from Extreme Temperatures

  • Extreme temperatures cause problems for auto glass. If it’s really hot, park in the shade avoiding trees if possible. If it’s freezing outside, consider bringing your car inside a garage.

Make Immediate Repairs

  • If and when your auto glass becomes cracked or damaged, don’t wait to make repairs. Damaged glass only becomes worse over time. If you wait too long, a crack can become so big that the entire windshield may need to be replaced.

Consider Glass Protection

  • Regularly maintaining auto glass by keeping it clean is the best way to protect car glass. But many car owners add an extra level of glass protection by adding a layer of nano ceramic coating. A fine layer of hydrophobic chemicals can be applied to provide extra glass protection.