Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installation Service in Ashburn VA

PPF Installation Service - Ashburn VA
Paint Protection Film for Car Exteriors - Intersport Ashburn
Paint Protection Film Service - Intersport Ashburn
BMW Auto Detailing - PPF Installation - Ashburn VA

Add Paint Protection Film to Preserve the Quality of Your Car

Most cars depreciate over time due to mileage, age and usage. But there are steps that you can take to maintain your car’s value. Periodic car washing, auto detailing and routine maintenance are essential. At Intersport Performance, we service, repair, and provide professional auto detailing for European luxury cars and SUV’s.

Our exterior car services include professional wash, undercarriage cleaning, compound buffing, wet sanding and paint correction. At the completion of each job, we recommend that customers add an extra layer of protection with SunTek® paint protection film (PPF).

Get That New Car Look with PPF

We apply SunTek PPF, also known as clear bra, directly to car paint to preserve its beauty and luster. The ultimate protection for your car, this 8 mil thick paint protection film defends car exteriors from chips, dings and blemishes. The scratch resistant, thermoplastic urethane wrap safely shields vehicles from the elements, chemicals, insects, road salt and practically everything else.

Why Choose Intersport Performance for PPF Installation?

The Intersport auto detailing team is led by experienced, auto detailing professionals who are masters of their trade. We have over 15 years of experience installing paint protection film. No one measures, cuts and trims paint protection film for custom jobs like we do.  We ensure that there no bubbles or dust underneath the film before installation. We properly wrap all edges and completely tuck in all seams.

What makes SunTek® PPF the best?

It’s designed to last 10 years or more without turning yellow. Scientifically formulated with advanced HydroResist™ technology, SunTek paint protection film creates paint barriers against water, road debris and tar stains. SunTek PPF maintains car exteriors in all kinds of weather and is self-healing in the sun. Minor scratches and abrasians in the film caused by road debris go away when exposed to heat!

Which SunTek PPF is right for you?

Choose high gloss or matte finish with your preferred level of durability, or for a custom look, choose high gloss Altered Black Paint Protection Film. All SunTek® Paint Protection Film products feature proprietary top coats and are installed by authorized SunTek® dealers.
SunTek Paint Protection Film (PPF)
SunTek PPF Product Comparion Chart - Intersport Performance Ashburn VA
SunTek PPF Product Selection Chart

PPF can be applied to an entire vehicle. However, many customers opt to start with the most vulnerable areas first like the front of the car, car hood, headlights and rear quarter panels. It is an optically clear sheet of high gloss or matte film that is custom cut and professionally installed by expert technicians. Available in several options, most Intersport customers choose the top-of-the line SunTek PPF Ultra or SunTek PPF Reaction which includes an extra top layer of ceramic coating.

Questions about PPF?

Call Intersport Performance at (703) 242-8680 or click below to schedule service.

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