Ceramic Coating: Call For Pricing

When it comes to your beloved vehicles appearance, cleanliness and shine are everything. There have been huge leaps forward with the development of products that make your car look great and shine longer than ever. If you’re a car person it’s safe to say you’ve heard about Ceramic Coatings, but if you haven’t, we’ll start from the beginning. Traditionally, once or twice a year after washing your car you apply a fresh coat of wax to maintain that new car luster. A thin layer of wax also helps with UV damage, acid rain/water spots, bird droppings, tree gum, bug guts, etc. Unfortunately, wax compounds last only a few months meaning you should be reapplying it about 4 times a year if not more to really keep the car protected and looking great. That’s where Ceramic Coatings come into play, a long-term protection option or as some may say, a premium wax alternative.

A Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand to the exterior of the car. It chemically bonds to the factory paint for long term protection. It creates a permanent or semi-permanent bond, meaning that it does not wash away or break down, and does not require repeated application every few months. One of the most significant properties it has is being hydrophobic. That means it will repel water, acidic rain, road debris, bugs, bird droppings, etc. It’s not perfect but what you will also notice is less road grim builds up and when you go to wash your car it’s effortless and the dirt just washes away.

Allow us to use our expertise and skill to protect your investment for the long run by applying a state of the art Ceramic Coating. Our team will ensure your vehicle looks the best it can and for you to be able to maintain that great look easily.