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Ceramic Coating Paint Protecion by Intersport Performance in Ashburn VA
Ceramic Coating for Sports Cars & Luxury Vehicles in Northern Virginia

Protect your vehicle with Ceramic Coating

Routine vehicle washing and auto detailing protects paint and improves a vehicle’s appearance while making it look clean and shiny. At Intersport Performance, we take auto detailing and paint correction a step further. We recommend applying nano ceramic coating as an extra layer of vehicle protection. The hydrophobic coating preserves car luster after a professional detail, compound buff, wax and polish. It also protects exterior paint and wheels against the elements by repelling acid rain, tree sap, UV rays, bird droppings, road grime, dirt and tar.

Make it Easier to Clean and Maintain your Vehicle

Ceramic coating consists of a liquid polymer that is applied professionally by hand to vehicle exteriors. The thin layer of polymers chemically bonds to factory paint. The thin coating offers long term protection because it does not easily wash away or break down. It is durable enough that it does not require repeated applications every few months. Another benefit is that ceramic coating makes washing cars, sedans and SUVs easier because soap and dirt effortlessly wash away.

Ceramic Coating Service in Northern Virginia

For auto detailing, paint protection and ceramic coating services, contact Intersport Performance in Ashburn at (703) 242-8680. Our auto detailing team will give your vehicle a great look that protects its paint and your car investment.

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