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Award Winning Auto Detailing Service

Intersport Performance make cars look gorgeous inside, outside and even underneath. All vehicles naturally lose their paint luster, gloss and shine over time due to elements like dirt, wind, rain, snow, ice and sunshine. Add tar, bugs, tree sap and chemicals from the road into the mix and it’s like our vehicles are under constant attack. It is important to properly maintain your car. The expert auto detailers at Intersport Performance are ready to do the work for you. Keep your car clean while protecting its exterior, windows and paint. Schedule auto detailing appointments for regular interior and exterior cleaning at Intersport’s European auto repair service center in Ashburn VA.

Professional Auto Cleaning Services

We will make your sports car, luxury sedan or SUV look and feel brand new again. At Intersport we have the experience, soft touch and expert attention-to-detail needed to make cars look flawless. We only use the best chemicals and the same German made equipment used at Porsche factories. Our master detailers emply the best buffing techniques in the industry. After a careful inspection of your car for pre-existing swirls, streaks or scratches, we make our recommendation for what steps are necessary to restore your car as close as possible to 100% of its original condition.

Auto Interior Deep Cleaning

A complete interior detail by Intersport brings back that clean, new look and feel. We start by neatly packing any stuff or personal items you may have left in your car. After a complete interior vacuum, we shampoo the carpet and floor mats so they have plenty of time to dry before going back in the vehicle. We use soft brushes and gentle blasts of air to break free dust and particles stuck in air vents, buttons, trim and dashboard gauges. We clean stubborn spots with mild cleansers that do not impact interior surfaces. Our special cleaners and conditioners are used to restore leather and recondition vinyl for a soft, like new appearance. All windows are professionally cleaned to become crystal clear.

Interior Cleaning – Intersport Auto Detailing Service

Vacuum service

Carpet and floor mats shampoo

Seat, trim and upholstery cleaning

Leather and vinyl reconditioning

Window cleaning

Exterior Auto Cleaning Service

A gorgeous exterior is the first thing people notice about nice sports cars, sedans and SUVs tricky though to keep a car’s paint clean, swirl-free and shiny. In fact using the wrong detergents, compounds or polish can damage car paint while a bad brush, sponge or chamois cloth will cause streaks and scratches. At Intersport, we have the experience needed to avoid these mistakes. We have professionally detailed thousands of vehicles in Greater Washington DC over the past 25 years.

Our auto refurbishing specialists start by completely rinsing, cleaning, washing and drying the entire vehicle including its wheels and tires. Once all the grime and debris is removed we make a paint assessment while noting any trouble spots, deep scratches, chips, and dings. Intersport master auto detailers will often treat the entire exterior of a car using a clay bar that removes hard to clean road grime, grease and contaminants. Based on the outcome of our paint assessment, we may recommend wet sanding and compound buffing on trouble spots before applying and polish, wax and optional sealers. Note: we avoid buff marks by carefully calibrating our machines according to the thickness of your car’s paint and gloss–which may only be as thick as a piece of paper.

All pre-existing swirls, water marks and scratches are removed before we apply polish or address any dents. When we finish, your vehicle will look nearly flawless, reflecting and shining like a mirror. Finally we recommend adding a fresh coat of paint sealer/wax. The “wet look” really makes cars and SUVs pop while adding another layer of protection.

Exterior Cleaning, Detailing & Paint Restoration

Professional rinse, hand wash, chamois dry, wheel wash, tire shine

Compound, wax and polish

Scratch and dent removal

Dry ice blasting – Undercarriage Cleaning

Paint Protection Film

Auto Detailing in Ashburn VA for Sports Cars, Luxury Cars, SUV’s and European Sedans

At Intersport Performance, our experienced, friendly auto detailing technicians are masters of their trade. Our customers are often blown away when they get their cars back from Intersport. Many even wonder why they waited so long to schedule an auto detailing service appointment with us.

For questions about Auto Detailing, European Auto Repair or Service, call Intersport Performance at (703) 242-8680.

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