Auto Detailing & Paint Correction: Call For Pricing

Auto detailing has come a long way over the years. With breakthroughs in chemicals and techniques we can now enjoy a brand-new looking car any time we wish. All you need is the right experience, soft touch and attention to detail. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in paint correction and detailing. There is an old adage “practice makes perfect”. We have completed thousands of full interior and exterior details over the years. Trust our experience and techniques to bring your car back to its original cleanliness and luster. When you get your vehicle back you will be blown away and wondering why you waited so long to have our team do a thorough cleaning and reconditioning.

Exterior Paint Correction:

What’s the first thing you notice about a car? That’s right; THE GORGEOUS EXTERIOR! One of the trickiest things about a car is keeping the paint clean, swirl free, high gloss and new car appearance. Look no further for your detail and paint correction gurus. Our team will start with a very thorough wash of the entire vehicle including the wheels and tires. Once all of the grime and debris is removed we can get a look at the actual paint we’re working with. At this point we can assess any trouble spots, deep scratches, chips, and dings for paint correction. We follow that up by treating the entire body with a clay bar to remove even the most minute, hard to clean road grim and contaminants. Based on our expert assessment of the paint we will either skip to polish and sealer/wax, or if needed, perform spot wet sanding, medium compound or heavy compound buffing always being careful to work the area the least amount as possible and taking periodic breaks to reassess (aka 2 step & 3 step process). After all of the swirl marks, water marks, little scratches, etc. are removed we continue with the finishing polish. At this point the car should look nearly flawless and reflect like a mirror. We further refine the protection with paint sealer/wax. If you like the “wet” look we will also use our top shelf quick detailer on top of that to really make the car pop. Never forgetting the last step, grade A tire shine. Lastly, go show off your pride and joy!

Interior Reconditioning:

An interior detail is a great way to bring back the clean, new car look. We start by removing all of the extra “stuff” you may have laying around the car and neatly pack it up for you. Next, we begin the shampoo process on the floor mats so they have plenty of time to be cleaned and dry before going back in the car. Follow that up with a gentle air blast to break free any dust or loose bits stuck in buttons, trim, etc. Any stubborn particles are worked free with a soft clean paint brush. If anything up until this point needs extra attention we will utilize mild cleaners to help with the process without affecting the interior surfaces. We also utilize special cleaners and conditioners to restore the leather to a soft, like new appearance. Lastly, we will clean all of the windows to a crystal clear.